Cats Toys and Gifts

Cat Toys And Gifts

Toys for your cat keep them entertained, give them exercise and keep them healthy. Just like people, each cat will have their own preference for the type of toys they enjoy the most. Rotating the toys available for your cat to play with will help ensure they never get bored with them. Remember to make sure the toys are safe, have no sharp edges and can’t be swallowed.

Homemade cat toys

Draw String from a fleece or track suit.
Allow your cat to explore its hunter instincts by slowly pulling the string across the floor. Most cats can’t resist the urge to hunt the “prey”. Flick it in the air and they’ll jump to catch it. Excellent exercise for your cat.
Elastic Bands
Fetch is game mostly associated with dogs but many cats enjoy this game too. If you can get your hands on a thick elastic band [Big enough they can’t swallow it] this is an excellent, lazy persons way, to exercise your cat. Ping the elastic band across the room or up the stairs and watch them shoot off after it. Encourage them to bring it back over to you and remember to give them big pets and attention to reward them when they do.
Drinking straws
Tie a knot in a drinking straw and throw it. This simple game can keep kitty amused for ages.
Pipe cleaners
As above but tend to last a bit longer.
Cardboard boxes
Whenever we buy something that comes in a big cardboard box we like to let the cats play with the box for a while before throwing it out. Cats are incredibly curious and love to explore and hide in a new box. Throw a couple of toys in there for added interest and your cat can be amused [and amusing] for hours.

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